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Fill your freezer to have on hand any time!


(minimum of 50 lbs- all weights are minimum based on cuts)



This is a list of our suggestions. We can customize (based on weights) to suite your needs:

tenderloin/filet 1 lb

ribeye 2 lbs

NY Strip 1.5 lbs

sirloin 2 lbs

chuckeye steak .5 lb

flat iron 1.25 lbs

chuck roast 3 lbs

sirloin tip roast 2.5 lbs

short ribs 4 lbs

cubed steak 3 lbs

london broil 2.5 lbs

stew meat/beef tips 3 lbs

ground beef 25 lbs (available in 1 lb and 5 lb packages)


• dry-aged from 14-21 days

• packaged fresh and then frozen in a vacuum-sealed package

• grass-fed, grain-finished

• 100% USA beef, certified USDA-inspected

Eighth Box

Excluding Sales Tax
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