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Sometimes just the smell of ground beef cooking in the skillet is all you need to bring your family together. Our ground beef is unlike any other you have put in your mouth. In fact, our ground beef is one of my personal favorite items and a favorite with the customers! It is mouth-watering delicious and so versatile!


Our ground beef is a mixture of sirloin, chuck, beef and round. It's approximately 85/15.

The way our beef is packaged (fresh, vacuum-sealed and then frozen), it can last up to a year and a half in your freezer, so why not stock up?


$48 - Guaranteed 8 pounds of ground beef!


Choose which option suites you and your family best:

• 8 individual packages (approx. 1 lb each)


• 1- 5 lb bulk and 3 individual packages


Pick up in store only



• dry-aged from 14-21 days

• packaged fresh and then frozen in a vacuum-sealed package

• grass-fed, grain-finished

• 100% USA beef, certified USDA-inspected

Ground Beef Galore Bundle

Excluding Sales Tax
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