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This bundle is a great selection for easy and hearty meals for you and your family.  It's a great gift idea too!



YOU PICK 6-  in any combination:

• ground beef (1 lb pack)

• 4 ounce hamburger patties (4 patty pack)

• 5 ounce hamburger patties (3 patty pack)

• cubed steak

• beef tips/stew beef



• includes 3 recipe cards of our family favorites!

• guaranteed to be at least 6 lbs total

• dry-aged from 14-21 days

• packaged fresh and then frozen in a vacuum-sealed package

• grass-fed, grain-finished

• 100% USA beef, certified USDA-inspected

Pick 6 Bundle- Hearty Deal for Weeknight Meals!

Excluding Sales Tax
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